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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The grossest math you've ever seen: Hashing out the Nassar settlement

Michigan State pays $500 million to Larry Nassar victims. A Kim-Trump meeting is on the rocks. Coffee fumes. All on #TheShortList
Hashing out the Nassar settlement is the grossest math you've ever seen
Rachael Denhollander receives a hug after delivering

Your worst nightmare + How you handle it = Amount paid

Michigan State University has settled hundreds of lawsuits filed by the victims of Larry Nassar's sexual assaults. It will cost the school at least $500 million. The payouts will vary, depending on a grim formula . In similar cases, courts look at the number of times a person was molested and the lasting impact of the abuse, lawyers say. Background: Nassar was a doctor for MSU and USA gymnastics. Hundreds of survivors, including Olympic medalists, publicly accused Nassar of sex abuse.  Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison in Tucson on child pornography charges. When he's done there, the clock starts on two more sentences. For perspective: MSU is being sued by about 300 victims. Penn State University paid out $109 million to 35 victims in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Trump-Cohen-Stormy: A payoff story

Documents released Wednesday by President Trump show he reimbursed his personal attorney Michael Cohen for a $130,000 payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump once said he knew nothing of the arrangement, which is laid out in a financial disclosure report to the Office of Government Ethics. The proof of payment to Daniels, who said she had a sexual relationship with the president in 2006-2007, raises ethical and campaign finance concerns. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. told Senate investigators he can't remember who he talked to on the phone for 11 minutes after he set up a 2016 meeting with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Coffee's bad buzz

It turns out coffee workers pay a price with their health while roasting and grinding those coffee beans for our morning pleasure. Government investigators found coffee workers from small shops to large factories may be damaging their lungs by breathing in harmful air created by the roasting and grinding. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested 11 coffee facilities, and 10 of them exceeded the federal recommendation for a compound known for rapidly destroying lungs. What's the solution? Ventilation, the CDC says.

It's like Kim Jung Un is breaking up with Trump before the first date

North Korea isn't into the controlling type, so if the Trump administration keeps pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear arsenal, the historic June 12 summit between the two leaders might be off. What does Kim want ? Normalized relations with the U.S., economic development and rewards for incremental actions he takes toward limiting his country's nuclear program.

3 things you missed while debating yanny vs. laurel

By now you've racked your brain over whether that computer voice says yanny or laurel. It's dividing our nation, and we won't take sides (but it's definitely yanny). Instead, you might weigh these three things:

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