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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Who needs to beat the traffic? The end of the game just got so much more exciting

The good and bad of legal sports gambling. The most and least-fit cities. America's morality. Royal wedding. It's Tuesday, and it's #TheShortList.
Who needs to beat the traffic? The end of the game just got so much more exciting
Gonzaga fans react during the first half of the national

A lot more people will have money riding on the final seconds of the game

It will take years before all the ramifications are felt from the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on sports gambling. Yet it's clear that giving states the OK to legalize betting on sports will greatly alter the way the game is watched. And even if teams stop short of installing betting kiosks in arenas and stadiums, the live, end-of-game experience will look and sound a lot different. Thousands of fans may have action riding on what were once the final, meaningless seconds or innings of a game. Betting on sports isn't new, but legally betting on sports outside of Nevada is. Gamblers are celebrating. Gambling addiction experts are fearful. States may have a new revenue source, but the gambling dollars might not be a huge jackpot in the long run. Congress may try to regulate sports betting — again — but passage of any legislation is a long shot .

U.S.-North Korea summit plans could implode

Rattled by joint military exercises by the United States and South Korea, North Korea threatened to cancel the June 12 historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. North Korea's state-run Central News Agency called the exercises "provocative military disturbances." Pyongyang also canceled high-level talks with South Korea planned for Wednesday. The warning comes amid recent goodwill by North Korea and Kim. In just the past few weeks, Kim met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, North Korea promised to dismantle a  nuclear bomb test site, and the isolated nation released three American prisoners. Despite the threat, the State Department said the U.S. is still planning for the meeting between Trump and Kim.

America's fittest city definitely isn't Oklahoma City. Too Soon(ers)?

A move to Arlington, Va., won't put you in the best shape of your life, but the Washington suburb does stand as the fittest of America's largest cities. Credit all those parks, farmers markets and low-smoking rates, said the American College of Sports Medicine. Perhaps it's a regional thing. Washington, D.C., ranked third on the list, behind Minneapolis. Arlington's neighbor, Falls Church, Va., was named the nation's healthiest community earlier this year. Sorry Sooners, Oklahoma City takes the cake as the least fit of the 100 cities in the new report. Is your city more Fitbit or chicken fried steak? See the full list. Not on there? Green Bay, Wis., America's drunkest city

A divided America can't agree on its moral leaders

"What is happening to my country?" Regardless of political identity, if you spend time on social media or following the news, you've likely asked yourself this question. America has grown more diverse, more secular and more polarized, with fewer identifiable voices emerging as moral authorities — including the president. It's made the nation's moral compass harder to tune to a true north. That's part of the reason why activists with the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival are kicking off a 40-day operation of civil disobedience to refocus the nation's moral agenda.


First lady Melania Trump recovers from her embolization procedure, while experts explain what it means.
Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is so bad that paper masks won't protect residents from the toxins in the air.
Media hounding caused Meghan Markle's dad to suffer a heart attack, her sister said. Will he be at the wedding? TBD.
Prince William may have to duck out of the royal wedding reception real quick for a soccer match.
A man told a Muslim woman at a California coffee shop, "I don't like your religion." He didn't get his coffee.
Police say this California couple kept their 10 children in a house filled with feces, trash and spoiled food.
Plus, crazy squirrelsthis man's angel and laxative-laced brownies.
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